We complete market studies, functional programs, envelope studies, design and development concepts, design criteria, and pro forma assessments for new and retrofit industrial, retail, office, residential, and mixed-use buildings, waterfront and downtown districts, residential neighborhoods, and public facilities.

Kennewick Bridge-to-Bridge/River-to-Rail Subarea Plan, Tacoma Hilltop Subarea Plan, Snoqualmie Downtown Master Plan, Lynden Hillclimb-Judson Alley Design Plan, Friday Harbor Sunshine Alley Design Plan

  • Blaine Strategic Economic Initiative Facilities Element
  • Friday Harbor Sunshine Alley Design Plan
  • Echo Lake Mixed-Use Design Charrette
  • Snohomish River Design Charrette
  • Snoqualmie Downtown Master Plan
  • Chehalis Renaissance Project
  • LaConner Cultural Arts Initiative
  • Lynden Hillclimb-Judson Alley Subarea Plan
  • Connell Community Action Plan
  • Gig Harbor Downtown Action Plan
  • Preston Village Development Plan
  • Whatcom Creek Action Plan
  • Bellingham Downtown Redevelopment Plan
  • Port Orchard Waterfront/Downtown Design Charrette
  • Renton Downtown Redevelopment Strategy
  • Bend Riverfront Connection
  • Eugene Downtown Redesign Plan
  • Bellingham Railroad Avenue Revitalization Strategy
  • Marysville Downtown Redevelopment Project
  • Entiat Columbia Breaks Fire Interpretive Center (CBFIC) & Historical Museum Master Plan 
  • LaConner Culinary Arts Project