We conduct public surveys, demographic analyses, land capacity estimates, employment and income projections, housing market trends, demand/need estimates, affordable housing strategies, homeless housing programs, pro forma feasibilities and incentive measures, and action plans for cities, counties, housing authorities, nonprofit agencies, and private developers and builders.

  • Sequim Housing Action Plan
  • Yakima Consolidated Plan
  • Whatcom County GMA Housing Element
  • Port Townsend/Jefferson County Housing Action Plan
  • Bellingham/Whatcom County Housing Action Plan
  • Seattle Delridge Neighborhood Plan & Housing Element
  • Puyallup Downtown & Central Neighborhoods Development Plan
  • Duvall Tweedsmuir/Copper Hill Mixed-Use Development
  • Shoreline Echo Lake Mixed-Use Development Project
  • Fall City Mixed-Use Development Project
  • Tacoma Hilltop Subarea Plan Housing Element
  • Gig Harbor Westside Annexation Mitigation & Millvale Neighborhood Plan
  • Seattle 12th Avenue Feasiblity Study
  • Historic Lakewood Colonial Center Shopping Center Redevelopment Project
  • Lynden Hillclimb Mixed-Use Development Projedt
  • Seattle Fairview Elementary School Reuse Project
  • Bellevue Square Properties Master Planning with Mixed-Use Projects
  • Seattle Fairview Elementary School Reuse Project

Whatcom County Housing Element, Yakima Consolidated Plan

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